Come to East Ham.. Come Home…

Come to East Ham.. Come Home…
I feel like settled now, but I miss so many things…. I miss my Fiancée the most, I miss all the time spent with her, I miss the eating out sprees at Punjabi, village, and other restaurants, I miss the booze and Dace @ TAIKA, I miss my gang back in Bangalore, I miss my office – the I-FLEX park & my colleagues, I miss Hindi movies, I miss my CAR, I miss the music system in my Car & sprees of drive on inner ring road with Himesh Reshmiya’ songs, I miss long chats over phone with my family @ my Hometown, Hanuman Garh in Rajasthan.

So u might ask me back, are you happy then? I will say, “Not really”.

I was never like this during my previous trips abroad, because I never had this intimacy with Bangalore and what all it has given to me… But ya, it is destiny and I have to accept it & at least give it a try to enjoy it.

Till now it last 3-4 weeks, I have familiarized myself fully to the area where I live, its Island garden in Docklands. Canary Wharf is the centre of activity near us, it is hub of all the financial institutions and because so many people work here, even the real estate market has picked up well. People like to stay close to where they work so you find areas surrounding Canary Wharf full of residential areas. We guys at I-FLEX are spread in this area, some towards Stratford, (Canary wharf is in the middle) some towards Lewisham. All there are stops on DLR train.

Next thing which come to our Desi mind is to find out places where Indians / Asians are concentrated, LONDON has quite a few of them, East Ham, Southall, Wembley and some more…. I am gonna talk about East Ham in this post.

East Ham is the closest place where we can go and feel at home, it is dominated by south Indian community, you also find Pakistanis, Bangladeshis & Nigerians a lot here. You reach there you need to take jubilee line from Canary wharf and get down at west Ham & change over to Hammersmith & city line or District line and it goes straight to East Ham.
The minute you come out, you see south Indian faces, shops, grocery stores, money transfer agencies… I went there & fell in love with the place, I go there primarily to do voice chat with frenz, you get INTERNET access – 50 pence per hour, it is a bliss. I like eating the south Indians meals too. Barber shop is another attraction – get your hair cut in 5 quids where any where else it is whooping 10-15 quids.

Last time when we went there, it was my roomie’s birthday and he wanted to offer prayers to lord murugan, East Ham has two temples too, Murugan temple is more famous. Inside the temple you cant make out you are in LONDON, the statues looks like the ones in Indian temples so is the priest and the devotees….

For all others like Chinese folks or locals it’s a cheap trip to INDIA so you can find them there mainly for an eating binge. We have planned this week outing again to East Ham. A friend is hosting a lunch there. And I am really happy about it, the shop where we plan to eat is called CHENNAI DOSA.

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