Landed in LONDON - 12th July 2006

London keeps calling me....i remember when i was a kid, i bought a poster of tower bridge and pasted on a wall in my home..did not know i will walk on this bridge so many times... will click so many pictures... and will look at it and feel good.....

All the previous trips were official ones and i was working for INFOSYS at that time.
All trips were short term, once for SBI LONDON, i stayed at east cryodon at that time and worked at Bank station.
Second time i came to work for Zurich Bank, i came just for 3-4 days, had a small presentation for a day in LONDON, then 3 days product overview in Swindon. It went well and got lot of appreciation by the client...
Third visit came my way because Zurich bank folks wanted me to come over for the training, this time it was for a longer tenor of about 30 days, training was split in two locations, ISLE of MANN (a small island between UK & IRELAND) & Swindon. and in the middle we got 4 holidays which me and Amol (my colleague from INFOSYS) utilized to explore Bath and LONDON.

During this trip we came to Greenwich to see the GMT line… we took the DLR train, new addition to the complex network of underground trains, DLR – the Dockland light railway is pretty unique… it runs above ground & some places underground and the most important thing is, it runs without a driver…. Rather I should say, it can run without a driver but generally there is one person always there from DLR team to see if every thing is fine, this person mainly controls the door opening of the train at the stations.

We strolled in Canary wharf, got amazed looking at tall buildings of HSBC, Citibank & Bank of America… never knew one day I will come again, sit here and work for one of them.

This time I have come as an IFLEX employee, consultant for Citibank…
More about LONDON in the next post..

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