Frankfurt am Main.....

2:30 PM, 30th September 2006.

First time when I came out of Frankfurt airport, and took to a Taxi to my Hotel, one sticker in the car grabbed my attention, it said, FRANKFURT am Main.

I was wondering what does that mean???

And I happened to talk about that to one of the Taxi drivers in the city, this guy was basically from Kashmir, INDIA and he is driving this taxi for last 15 years.

He told me, “Frankfurt means Frankfurt”, I was happy listening to it as I had got it right J
“am Main means on the bank of river Main…” he revealed, “And Main u should read as Mine.. ”

Hmmm, that’s nice. But why somebody will say Frankfurt, the one on the bank of river Main?

He had an answer. “Actually there is not only one Frankfurt, there are 4 Frankfurts in Germany.
This is the biggest one; other famous one is called Frankfurt ODA, which is on the border of Poland, and there are two more small towns with the same name but nobody even knows about them.”

I was enlightened.

After that when ever I got a chance, I asked people in Frankfurt about am Main. Almost every one knew the meaning, but most of them did not know that there are 4 Frankfurts.

One guy told me, this is the Main Frankfurt & the other one is Frankfurt Oda.

I am yet to validate that actually how many of them exist!

and about the picture, the red & blue circle represent East & West Germany coming together, it is located very near to Messe, location where all fairs happen in Frankfurt.

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