Sun rise @ Nandi Hills.

18th feb, saturday night, few freaks at my place planned to go to Nandi Hills at night.
i was not game but did not have a choice as every one else was not in a mood to drop the idea..
finally a gang of five, on three bikes started for nandi at 12, reached there at 3AM, came to know that doors will open at 6...
Ami gave an idea for camp fire, obviuosly without camp, i hunted for dry leaves, wood etc, CP helped with his match box and we succeeded... it was chill that night coz nandi hills at a good altitude, sitting near fire was cozy, every one was sleepy... but we had to wait...
Finally we entered at 6, 630 AM we experienced one among the best Sun rises of our lives.

Entry for February 18, 2006

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